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[Gnomic Biology] Phylogeneticists Reaffirm that the Living Fossil, Ginkgo, and Cycads are Sister Groups in the Evolutionary Tree techman2013/03/30
[Biology] New Fish Species Discovered in Southern Taiwan Waters techman2012/05/10
[Ecology] Academia Sinica Biodiversity Researchers Discover Coral Algae Composition Differs According to Location, Findings May Contribute to Reef Conservation Efforts techman2012/05/10
[Microbiology] Academia Sinica Scientists Discover How A Plant Virus Hitches a Ride to Cross the Cell Boundary techman2011/05/28
[International Cooperation][Biology] Invisibility Cloak Might Be Possible! Taiwan Scientists Unfold the Secret of Cuttlefish's Camouflage techman2011/05/24
[BioMedical][Molecular Biology] Scientists Show How Phosphorylation Modulates Daxx Selectively Binding to SUMO-1 over Other Paralogs and Its Implications in Stress-induced Apoptosis techman2011/04/26
[Biology] NTNU Life Science Professor Chung-Hsin Wu Investigates Taiwan Bats’ Echolocation Ability techman2011/03/28
[Molecular Biology] Academia Sinica Scientists Discover Structural Basis of RNase T in Stable RNA 3'-end Maturation techman2011/03/14
[Ecology] At Least Two New Copepod Species Found in Yeliu Cape techman2011/02/26
[Cell Physiology] NTNU Researcher: Medaka Will Unfold Secret of Human Disease Genes apophasis2010/09/06
[Medicine] NTU Establishes Research Center for Developmental Biology and Regeneration Medicine gustav2010/07/29
[Molecular Biology] Taiwan Scientists Identify Genetic Mismatch Causing Yeast Hybrids Sterile apophasis2010/07/22
[Wildlife Conservation] The Only Two Plants of Heirostylis Rubrifolius Are Dying gustav2010/04/08
[Biology] NCHU Biologist Discovers New Species of Fiddler Crab, Becoming the First Eastern Discoverer gustav2010/03/29
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