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Plan to Survey 溫州街 (Wireless) Coffee Shops

Posted by HP 
After some thoughts, I found actually I have spent many years in NTU and indeed been familiar with many coffees shops there. In particular, 溫州街 is a specially street filled with coffees shops and delicate restaurants, even for the whole Taipei city. Well, actually there is a lot memory there, for me. I fostered and prepared my thesis research, had joyful time with friends, and also had lonely but perhaps tasteful time there. Just when I was browsing the Internet for the 台北市無線網路/無線上網咖啡店 tag info minutes ago, I found an small shop (露西小棧) with my special memory with the best friend of mine in college when we was so young (大一), was gone and moved to 金山南路. Well, actually I just remembered the name 露西小棧 and was not sure if it was the very shop I met with the friend. Just because the memory, with so "interesting" feeling.

Well, it just comes into my mind (now) that the special meet is after our 大一上學期期末考. I may also say that was after the calculus exam. The memory suddenly becomes so clear, though kind of long ago.

With those personal reasons mentioned and the practical one to cultivate(?) this Wireless Coffee Shop tag, I have some idea that how about I (or we?) do an exhaustive search to check the info of all the coffee shops in 溫州街. It could be interesting and not so exhausting as it seems to be. In my memory and experience, the number of coffee shops there would line between 10 - 20. With solely my memory, I could name (at least) 10 of them. The effort would not be too high. I think it would be joyful and perhaps (for me) satisfactory experience.

How about this idea? I think we could make it done in this month.

I think I have made an (approximatley) thorough survey of 溫州街咖啡館.
The result can be checked here: 溫州街咖啡館.

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