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[Bio-medical] ITRI Invents Blood Reagent for Hepatic Fibrosis

Posted by techman 
[Bio-medical] ITRI Invents Blood Reagent for Hepatic Fibrosis (Chinese Version)

Merit Times & China Times E-paper (2010/09/24) Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) succeeds in developing blood reagent for hepatic fibrosis. With the development, the diagnosis could be done by blood tests and the treatment could be advanced. Consequently the chance of carcinogenesis could be reduced. The technological transfer to the local enterprise has been done on September 23, and the finalization of its human body test and its entering the market may hopefully occur in four years.

The researchers at the Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories, ITRI, cooperated with some domestic medical doctors, spend four years developing the technology. Tzu-Ling TSENG, the principal investigator of the project, as well as the Deputy Director of the Laboratories, points out that in the past, the test of hepatic fibrosis had to be done with intrusive biopsy, which put the patients in a place suffering from pain and fear. Besides, the fibrosis areas at the earlier stages is not regularly distributed, which makes the diagnosis non-precise, for the location of penetration decides the result of the test. Hence, at that time, only about five percent of the patients would like to receive the needle aspiration test, which led to the result that most of the successful diagnosed hepatic fibrosis had always become liver cirrhosis.

The project has succeeded in identifying four critical proteins to be the reagent tags detecting liver fibrosis. Tzu-Ling TSENG stresses, the rate of the confirmed diagnosis of ITRI's reagent has reached 98% for the first-staged hepatic fibrosis and 96% for the second-staged hepatic fibrosis, while the present reagent widely used in the Europe and the U.S. can only respond to the second-staged hepatic fibrosis with a rate of confirmed diagnosis of 79%.

ITRI points out, the reagent is effective to B-type liver fibrosis, C-type liver fibrosis and alcoholic hepatic fibrosis, among which the reagent has the most strong reaction to B-type liver fibrosis. A present reagent in the world has similar effects, but its price is very expensive (about ten thousand NT dollars). The trial service of this domestic reagent may be done directly in foreign countries, making a more competitive price.

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