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[Information] Open Data and Information for a Changing Planet — CODATA International Conference at Academia Sinica

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[Information] Open Data and Information for a Changing Planet — CODATA International Conference at Academia Sinica (Chinese Version)

Academia Sinica Newsletter (2012/10/29) The International Council for Science Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) 23rd International Conference is being held at Academia Sinica from October 28 to 31, 2012. The theme of this year’s conference is “Open Data and Information for a Changing Planet”. The conference centers on open data and information issues such as the sharing and reuse of scientific and technical datasets as well as open access to publicly funded research results and publications. A major focus is the collecting, sharing, and reusing datasets among various research communities to help address the problems and challenges facing our planet, in particular in the area of disaster risk reduction. More than 200 researchers are taking part in the event.

Over the four-day conference, there are six keynote speakers and 50 scientific sessions on topics such as “Data Intensive Computing in Earth Science”, “Planet Under Pressure (Pollution, Climate, and Humans)”, “Challenges and Opportunities in Public Health Data Sharing”, “Electronic Health Records Management and Preservation”, “Exchangeable Material Data for Uses in Industry, Government and Universities”, “Biomedical Sciences Datasets”, and “Critical Information and Communication Technologies for Disaster-Preparedness and Response”. As openness is a theme of this year’s conference, the conference program also includes sessions on “National and Regional Policies on Data and Information”, “Data Publication and Data Citation”, “Open Knowledge Environments”, and “Mass Collaboration Data Projects and Policies”.

The titles of conference keynotes include “Strengthening Collaboration between CODATA and IRDR will help Strengthen Policy Advice to Reduce Disaster Impacts and Achieve Sustainable Development”, “From Institutes to General Public: TELDAP’s ICT-enabled Digitization Project and Open Data Movement”, “Data Challenge in Large Scale Scientific Research”, “Why Does Open Data Matter and How Can we Make it a Reality?”, “Science Capacity Building in the Digital Age: Hopes, Threats, and the Freedom of Soul”, and “IPY 2007-2008: Challenges and Stimulus for Global Data Access”.

ICSU President and President Emeritus of Academia Sinica, Professor Yuan-Tseh LEE will deliver conference opening remarks on October 29, 2012. Professor Ray HARRIS (Chair of the Scientific Program Committee), Professor Der-Tsai LEE (Chair of the Local Organization Committee), and Professor Huadong GUO (President of CODATA) will also be present at the opening event.

This year’s conference at Academia Sinica is the first time that CODATA has held its International Conference and General Assembly in Taipei, and it is also the first time a major conference under the auspices of ICSU has taken place in Taiwan.

CODATA is an interdisciplinary Scientific Committee of the International Council for Science (ICSU). It was established in 1966 with the mission of strengthening international science for the benefit of society by promoting improved scientific and technical data management and use. The CODATA international conference takes place every other year. The 22nd conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2010. Following the 22nd international conference, the 2010 CODATA General Assembly selected Taipei as the host city of the 23rd CODATA International Conference.

CODATA currently is comprised of 20 national members, 16 international scientific union members, and 3 co-opted organization members. The “National Committee for CODATA, Academia Sinica”, was established in 1989 and joined CODATA in 1990 as a national member. The current Chair appointed by the President of Academia Sinica, is Professor Der-Tsai LEE, an academician of Academia Sinica. Professor LEE is currently the President of the National Chung Hsing University, former Director of the Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica and holds a joint appointment at the Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Academia Sinica.

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Academia Sinica Newsletter 2012/10/29

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