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[Cross-strait][Information] III Helps Broker Cross-strait E-commerce Deal

Posted by techman 
[Cross-strait][Information] III Helps Broker Cross-strait E-commerce Deal (Chinese Version)

The China Post (2012/05/11) The Institute for Information Industry (III) said on May 10 it has helped forge a partnership between Taiwan-based Neweb Technologies and China-based 360buy.com on e-commerce.

Representatives from the III attended a ceremony on May 10 during which the two signed the partnership deal.

Under the collaboration, Neweb will help Taiwan enterprises take care of the various operations required of product shipments to China, including customs clearance, product inspection and the registration of trademarks.

The B2C (business to consumer) portal 360buy.com, on the other hand, will provide the electronic platform through which retail of products and customer services are offered.

“China has become one of the top eight nations with the fastest economic growth in the world,” said Jen-wen KUNG, Vice CEO of III. “The collaboration between Neweb and 360buy.com will result in a new blue ocean in cross-strait e-commerce.”

“We provide an integrated solution that spares Taiwan companies the things that they need to deal with when shipping their products to China, including warehousing, customs clearance, distribution and cash flow,” said Sheng-sheng CHAN, President of Neweb.

Shouchuan ZHANG, Deputy CEO of 360buy.com, cited third-party data as suggesting his website is No. 1 among self-operated B2C portals in China, with market share reaching 50.1 percent in the first quarter.

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