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[Sci-tech Policy][Information] NCC Chairman Calls Access to Internet a Basic Human Right

Posted by techman 
[Sci-tech Policy][Information] NCC Chairman Calls Access to Internet a Basic Human Right (Chinese Version)

The China Post (2012/03/20) The extensive spread of Internet usage and broadband Internet are basic human rights, National Communications Committee (NCC) Chairwoman Herng SU said yesterday, pledging that the government would do its best to work toward achieving the goal of "reasonable pricing for sufficient bandwidth."

According to an Executive Yuan proposal on the development of digital convergence, the government's goal is that by 2015, 80 percent of Taiwanese households be connected to the Internet with a bandwidth of 100Mbps, while over six million households be fiber-optic users.

Different countries have different opinions regarding whether the accessibility of broadband Internet is an aspect of human rights, SU said. For example, while Finland believes so, many European Union countries think otherwise, including the UK, which promised in its political plans that every household will be provided at least 2Mbps of bandwidth by 2012.

Also, SU disagreed with Minister without Portfolio Simon CHANG's statement that were Chunghwa Telecom to give up 5 to 10 percent of its revenue, 90 percent of the public's discontent with the Internet accessibility in Taiwan will be eliminated. Financial problems are very complex and cannot be simplified just like that, she said.

While the public blames Chunghwa Telecom for the slow yet pricey Internet connection, CHANG said yesterday that the government has begun setting up a mechanism to monitor the Internet speed, and that the government would first focus on improving the communication quality before opening discussions for the rate and pricing of the Internet.

The establishment of a functional mechanism for monitoring the Internet speed is under construction and should be completed within three to six months, CHANG said, pointing out that only after such monitoring system is established could the communication quality be fully monitored, after which it is possible to discuss Internet pricing.

While SU and CHANG hold various opinions on the topic, legislators are in unison in their belief that Taiwan's Internet service is dissatisfying.

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