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[Information] Ministry of Education Promotes Development of TANet IPv6

Posted by techman 
[Information] Ministry of Education Promotes Development of TANet IPv6 (Chinese Version)

Ministry of Education E-paper (2012/02/09) In order to respond to the academic IP shortage, Ministry of Education has already made and promoted a plan developing a next generation internet, allowing a seamless integration to IPv6 service for the present IPv4 users.

2011 is a critical year regarding the shortage of the distribution of IP's under Internet Protocol version 4, IPv4, the announcement of which was released on January 31 by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), an organization to assign IP's appointed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Facing the shortage of IPv4 addresses, Taiwan Academic Network, TANet, must take certain measures to satisfy the demand from the teaching and research in the future. Among the proposed measures, the best solution is to enable the users in the network to adopt IPv6 connections, namely to create an environment as well as to provide with updated equipment that are both friendly to the IPv6 connections, a standard that has already been set by the international organization. The present achievement of promotion is: the complete rate of the “dual protocols” (both IPv4 and IPv6) in the schools under junior high in fourteen counties or cities have reached 100%, while those in the other counties or cities have all also reached above 90%. Besides, the complete rate of the construction of IPv6-supporting DNS and WWW websites of the county or city education centers is 100%.

The service of TANet's backbone network has continued for more than twenty years. In the future, the service will continue and be upgraded to a 10 Gigabit Ethernet backbone network environment. Meanwhile, facing the forthcoming of IPv6 era, the IPv4 based IP routing environment will be replaced gradually by a dual stack of IPv4/IPv6 protocol environment, and TANet needs to accumulate relevant construction and maintenance experience so that the promotion of IPv6 to the schools could be smoothly carried out when necessary.

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Ministry of Education E-paper 2012/02/09 (Chinese)

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