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[Sci-tech Policy] Taiwan to Advance Schedule Opening Up 4G: NCC

Posted by techman 
[Sci-tech Policy] Taiwan to Advance Schedule Opening Up 4G: NCC (Chinese Version)

China Times E-paper & udn.com (2012/02/10) Facing the emerging overcrowded telecommunications on broadband internet and mobile internet, Chairperson of National Communications Council (NCC) Herng SU told the press on February 9 that Taiwan must speed up the schedule opening up the fourth generation (4G) mobile internet for one to two years than the original plan. Vice Chairperson Cheng-Tsang CHEN explained, the 4G certificate will be issued one to two years earlier than the original plan, and three 15-year certificates will be issued in plan. Besides, the certificates NCC planned to issue this year included the ones for business area change of cable TV, with which the present cable TV companies will be allowed to broaden their business area to a nationwide level, while the fresh companies can also apply the nationwide certificate. NCC will begin the issue in the second half year.

According to the original plan by the Department of Posts & Telecommunications, Ministry of Transportation and Communications and NCC, the 4G certificate was planned to be issued in 2015 and become commercialized in 2017. However, seeing that the 4G business had already begun in the E.U. and the U.S., and that Korea and Japan also had begun the promotion, the top three telecommunication companies in Taiwan urged the government to advance the plan.

SU said, NCC also planned to speed up the schedule of 4G promotion as well; however, there are certain conditions for issuing the certificates: first, the frequency spectrum space needs to be obtained; second, the official 4G specifications need to be determined yet by the international telecommunication organizations; third, the government's regulations and related measures need to be set up yet. Although NCC does not have a concrete time table, said SU, the development must be speeding up for sure.

CHEN, also the NCC Spokeperson, said, three 4G certificates to be issued is reasonable for the present market environment, that it can create healthy competition in the market while the market share will be reasonable for the limited competitors. Besides, NCC will hope the authorized 4G companies can serve with the most advanced techniques, add to which NCC is also aware of the rarity of the frequency channels; hence, the certificate will be issued via open bidding.

China Times E-paper 2012/02/10 (Chinese)
Udn.com 2012/02/10 (Chinese)

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