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[Bio-Tech] Taiwan-made Enterovirus Vaccine EV71 Enters Clinical Trial Stage

Posted by techman 
[Bio-Tech] Taiwan-made Enterovirus Vaccine EV71 Enters Clinical Trial Stage (Chinese Version)

China Times E-paper, RTI & udn.com (2011/09/06) National Health Research Institute (NHRI) presented the result of the initial clinical trial of its own-developed, globally leading vaccine against enterovirus type 71 (EV71) on September 6. The institute said, the result showed fine antibody response, and the second stage clinical trial was planned to begin next year. Since the trial vaccine cell and virus have got international certifications, its market will target the globe.

NHRI began the development of the vaccine against EV71 in 2007, under the instruction of the Executive Yuan, in order to control the epidemic.

The head of the vaccine research team Ih-jen SU said on September 6 that the initial human body clinical trial in the first stage had been completed and the result suggested verified safety and fine antibody response (more than six hundred times). The trial result was also recognized by WHO enterovirus experts, who paid a visit to Taiwan for a conference a few days ago. Now NHRI had signed technology licensing agreements with two local vaccine manufacturers Adimmune Co. and Medigen Biotechnology Co.

Ih-jen SU said, beside of Taiwan, China and Singapore are also developing EV71 vaccine. China has completed the trial's first stage. However, NHRI's vaccine cells and viruses have obtained international certifications. Once the vaccine is ready for the use, its market will not only be Taiwan but the whole globe.

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