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[Cloud Computing] ITRI's Cloud Computing Development Yields Fruitful Accomplishment

Posted by techman 
[Cloud Computing] ITRI's Cloud Computing Development Yields Fruitful Accomplishment (Chinese Version)

Commercial Times (2011/05/03) ITRI's Cloud Computing Center for Mobile Applications presents the newly developed mobile data center (container-based computer) with its globally original cloud computing operation system, Cloud OS, both of which are expected to help Taiwan take the preemptive opportunities in the emerging cloud market.

Director-General of ITRI's Cloud Computing Center for Mobile applications, Dr. Tzi-cker CHIUEH points out, the hardware part of ITRI's could computing project is the container-based data center, namely, to use the container as the “computer case”, so that the entire data center could obtain its mobility. As for the software part, ITRI develops its own original operation system Cloud OS, which enables the tele-company to provide value-added services easily as well as offers virtual server service for the civil companies – even the less electronized traditional industries can get aboard the could easily.

ITRI's Cloud OS is designed to be equipped with an advancing cooling system, targeting Taiwan's subtropical environment. Besides, the system is also equipped with functions such as hardware management optimization, software execution, remote control, etc. Cloud OS is said to be the globally first large cloud operation system highly integrated with all the common functions sufficing the cloud software management demands, including material resources management, virtual resources management, data storage management, information security solutions, etc.

Besides, the mobility of the container-based data center makes itself a convenient environment for test as well as an eco-friendly environment with high cooling efficiency. The average PUE level of traditional data center is between 2 and 2.5, while the PUE level of ITRI's mobile data center could reach between 1.2 and 1.3.

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