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[Sci-tech Policy] Chunghwa Telecom Plans to Slash Optical Network Charges

Posted by techman 
[Sci-tech Policy] Chunghwa Telecom Plans to Slash Optical Network Charges (Chinese Version)

CNA (2011/05/03) In order to match up with the national sci-tech policy promoting digital convergence, Chunghwa Telecom plans to actively promote high speed optical network by cutting down the internet charges. The charge of 20M network service will be reduced from NT$1320 to NT$1039 with a 21.3% drop; the charge of 50M service will be reduced from NT$1700 to NT$1199, with a large drop of 29.5%.

This sales promotion will be applicable for new clients, upgrade clients or renewal customers.

The number of Chunghwa Telecom's HiNet broadband clients is more than 359,000, 40% of which is occupied by the main users group, the 10M network service.

Chunghwa Telecom points out, because of the growing demand of online education, digital audio and video services, online games, etc., the high speed network service is becoming more and more needed, providing an environment in which the optical network is becoming the main stream demand.

According to the statistics made by Institute for Information Industry (III) in this February, in average each household in Taiwan has 2.3 computers, and it is very common for these multiple computers to get online at the same time in a single household. If the main stream service is upgraded to 20M or 50M, the problem of insufficient bandwidth will be resolved.

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CNA 2011/05/03 (Chinese)

National Science Council International Cooperation Sci-Tech Newsbrief

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